Program Structure

buildingSMART defined two levels of Professional Certification. In reference to the Blooms Taxonomy to classify the level of learning required, the Foundation level is the first release, designed to satisfy basic knowledge requirements around BIM; specifically the knowledge and comprehension learning levels of the Bloom’s Taxonomy.

The Practitioner level, is a more comprehensive approach that addresses applied learning and practical expertise (including the application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation requirements of the Blooms taxonomy) .  Currently in development, Professional Certification - Practitioner is expected to be market-ready in late 2022.

The Program has two skill levels:

Blooms Taxonomy


Professional Certification – Foundation corresponds to shorter courses (of a minimum 16 learning units) that focus on the theory of BIM. Such courses often have a low competency threshold to appeal to the broadest possible audience and establish a minimum BIM knowledge.

buildingSMART is currently focussed on the further development and expansion of the Foundation level. Much of the information contained here relates specifically to the Foundation level. Further information on the Practitioner level will be released in 2022.


Professional Certification – Practitioner encompasses a more comprehensive approach is aligned with ISO 17024*. The Practitioner level corresponds training aimed at a much higher competency threshold, where applicants are challenged to apply their knowledge in a project environment.

The first product in the Practitioner level is COBie Certified Professional™, which has been operational since April 2020.

Further information can be found at

* ISO 17024: Conformity assessment — General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons

Foundation Structure

The Foundation level is divided into specific learning curricula. Each curriculum can be thought of as a separate course. There are currently nine curricula planned. The Basic curriculum, is the foundation from which all other curricula are based.

Foundation Curriculum plan May 21

The COBie Foundation curriculum has been developed by the buildingSMART COBie subcommittee and will be released in early 2022.

Further information to COBie Foundation can be found at

Learning Outcome Framework (LOF)

The LOF is one of the core components of Professional Certification - Foundation. Each curriculum has 25 to 30 learning Outcomes (LO’s), which define the minimum learning that approved trainings must convey within their course curricula and is subsequently the framework against which applicant courses will be assessed and approved. You can download the Basic Curriculum Learning Outcomes here.

Online Examination and Qualification

Individuals wishing to receive bSI qualification must first attend an approved training from a buildingSMART registered training Provider. The buildingSMART exam is an online 25-question multiple-choice test, to be completed within 30 minutes. Directly after completely the exam, the successful candidate can download their buildingSMART certificate. The exam cost is set by each Chapter within the range of The cost of €75-125

Provider Registration

Training providers who wish to deliver a buildingSMART approved course must apply to their local buildingSMART Chapter. The registration process costs between €1,500 – 2,500 and is valid for  valid for two years. A list of all buildingSMART registered training providers can be found here. Please contact your local chapter for further details


This Program refers to openBIM in the broadest and most inclusive sense. This includes all BIM processes that are independent of proprietary solutions and are based on open standards. The Program seeks to promote buildingSMART standards, however, is also inclusive of general processes, best practices and other non-proprietary standards that may not have originated from buildingSMART.

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